Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

Depilation I contracted 15 years ago is not comparable with the current fee. I wanted to cry on a clean friend Waki.

Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology
Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

I want to get the hair loss most in the body part

Speaking of depilation, the place you want the most treatment is armpits, right? Is it really hair that you do not need as much as you want from the bottom of my heart? ""What is necessary for armpits hair?
But my boy friend says ""It is a bit embarrassing that armpits are stupid in a man, it is a bit embarrassing ... there is not even one, it is quite embarrassing, I can never show to men"". It is a feeling that the woman can not understand at all.
There are not a few women saying ""armpits are ashamed of having no hair,"" but no one is around me.

Hair that is not needed for women so much, that is armpits hair (laugh). I also contracted hair removal at some places, but the first thing I contracted was armpits.
Originally (about 15 years ago) I made 100,000 yen with permanent hair removal of both armpits ~ (sweat) I believe in ""the depilation of both armpits 5000 yen"" when I see the information magazine now I see an advertisement with an amount that I can not afford.
I want to doubt that ""Does it really get hairless?""
Randomly until now I heard that friends who insisted that ""self washing with waste hair is sufficient enough"" gotten ""depilation of armpits"" in detail, and as a result of recent inexpensiveness of the price It is said that it was a contract of 5000 yen with a contract, 5 treatments.
If it says anxious effects ... it is not clean at all, this is also .... What is my 100,000 yen (tears) I also want to cry.
I wonder if the current depilation technology is progressing.

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