Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

I think that the most common hair loss is stinginess. What is the point of caution when depilating an armor?

Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology
Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

What are the points to be aware of when depilating your armpit?

Have you depilated? I think that there are many experienced people among women.
There are many people who go to the hair removal salon right? Especially when it comes to summer more people getting hair loss increase. I actually have experience as well.
I have a bit of knowledge since I was working from esthetics.
Well, it is a precautionary point in removing hair, first of all, it is hair quality.
Each person's hair is completely different. Especially armpits are extremely different in hair quality.
Especially if the hair quality is darker, the effect may be slightly late.

Although it is hair depilation by laser, since the laser is a permanent hair removal method that gradually reduces the hair quality, there are people who are slower and earlier. I think that the effect is quicker, especially if the hair quality is thin.
It would take quite some time for people with dense hair. I also had a dark hair quality, so it took a while.
Besides, there is a slight bruise at the beginning. Since the laser light reacts to dark colors, the armpits in particular have a dark hair quality. So, the darker one has a bruise. So be careful.

Finally it is a caveat of skincare, but there are those who neglect this skin care inside.
This is not very good. As it is important to protect your skin after all, let's do skin care properly. Skin care is important, as it will dry out without skin care.
Please take care of hair removal and skin care carefully in this way. Please do try it by all means.

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