Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

It was Waki ??who experienced hair loss for the first time. It is laser hair removal in cosmetic surgery. Liberation from the processing of Waki ??that so much troubled.

Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology
Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

Suvive armpit got hair loss

My first hair loss was armpits.
I performed the cosmetic surgery I saw in a magazine.
After putting in the reservation, doctor's counseling first. I am atopy and armpits is one of the affected part.
Although I was worried about this point, my teacher gave me a GO sign, so my hair removal debut.

The procedure was almost without pain.
I heard that hair removal by laser was ""pain like being played with a rubber band"", so I was prepared for it as it is, but this is the only light pain I thought was really effective There was no.
Six times every 2 months to match this hair cycle. In the third round, the armpits hair was thin enough to be barely noticed.
When you can wear clothes and swimwear without worrying about armpits, fashion becomes fun.

Laser hair depilation is 6 times every two months, that is, it is a year, so the end of summer is recommended to start.
Because it affects the hair cycle, you can not clean your hair for a year by shaving.
(You can shave it) If you start in the late summer, the next summer is Suwavebe's armpits.
I did laser hair removal, and in my case there was a surprising side effect.
The darkening of armpits by atopy became considerably thin.
armpits Like hair, it was a cause of trouble, so this was a nice unexpected result.
Although I have depilated more than 10 years ago, it is still suberbe.
If you say hair loss, it may seem like esthetics, but medical laser hair removal at cosmetic surgery is also good. Compared to esthetics, expenses are somewhat higher, but since it is a lifetime, I think that it is a good shopping if you are going to acquire the suvebe armpits.

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