Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

Waki's unwanted hair treatment that had been suffering for a long time. I made a major decision and decided to permanently remove hair. Aiming for beautiful Waki ??...

Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology
Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

Challenge permanent hair loss on the armpit

I was a rather hairy constitution, armpits also had a lot of unwanted hair, and I was self-treating once a week with shavings and a razor, but it took quite some time and the condition of the trace we processed I was concerned.
I thought that I wanted permanent hair loss all the time, I was giving up giving up on expenses.

But when I consulted with an esthetic agent who took care of with my bridal beauty treatment, I heard that there is a need for hair removal called needle depilation.
Hair loss in a method of pouring a needle in the pores and depressing an electric current is more painful than flush hair removal, but the effect was sure to come out quickly as well.
I was concerned about pain, but as a result I got it tried and it certainly hurt, but since it was absolutely impossible to stand, I decided to try it.

Initially it took more than 2 hours on both sides, it hurts every time I turn on the current, and my arm got tired so I got tired and tough.

But surely the amount of hair decreases.
That encouraged me.
It hurts, but I will do my best next time too! It makes me feel like.
Time spent on treatment declined little by little.
And now, four years have passed since armpits depilation started, but unwanted hair has gone.
The part that was darkened because it was self-processing and the pores that turned red were also improved.
I had resistance to wear sleeveless, but now I can wear without resistance and as I was born a child, I can not take time to depilate my armpits now I think that it was good that permanent hair removal of armpits was almost completed before a child was born.

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