Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

Raku is better than shaving with a razor because hair depilation who pulls hair has no sense of jolijo. However, it is important to cool.

Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology
Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

About hair removal method of underarm hair

There are various methods as hairpin hair removal method of armpits, but armpits are deep-rooted hair unlike other unwanted hair parts.
If it says, it is stubborn.
As a self treatment, it is common to shave with a razor, but if you shave it will definitely grow again.
A further sense of jolijyo is left.
I think the best way is to pull out one by one with a tweezer. If you pull it out at once with an epilator, your skin will become rough.
I hope it only makes it rough, but the pores are inflamed and subcutaneous regeneration hair tends to occur.
However, unlike other parts, it is also a part that repeats shaving and plucking, so it will not be a big problem there. Because it's bother Bo! Other parts, it is not good to shave lightly. It surely becomes thick! If you continue to shave arm hair, leg hair, stomach hair etc, you will get darker if you are lucky.
Some people assert that they will not get dark even if they shave, but they definitely get darker.
It is commonplace to get darker if the hair is awake.
If it does not get dark it is just lucky.
I am a male, but it is noisy for unwanted hair! We are aiming for perfect beauty as much as women.

armpits It hurts when hair is pulled out! Tears come out.

However, unlike shaving, there is no sense of jolijyo so if you stand the pain, you will get a suberbe skin.
If there is money, permanent hair removal is the best method.
It's safe and secure! However, if it is about armpits it will do something even by self-processing.
Even the darkening will worry about any problems. If you keep cooling it, you will not have to worry about that.
Women are good. Because there are ladies with thin hair originally, no beards grow, and the unwanted hair of the whole body is also thin. Men are serious! It takes half a day if men try to process the whole body.
armpits Something is tears.

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