Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

I went to a cosmetic dermatologist to depil the hair of the waki, I had the medical laser doing the treatment and I was able to lose the hair of the lake.

Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology
Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

Alopecia depilation in cosmetic dermatology

I had hairpin of armpits when I was a college student.
I was not worried because the hair was dense, but I decided to try it because my friends who depiled the armpits do not have to care for it really is easy.
The hair removal I did was depilation using a medical laser, and when I applied a laser to armpits the laser reacted to the black color of the pores and burned my hair.
The depilation had to go once every two months.
I think that the price was a little more expensive than hair removal done with an esthetic salon like seeing in a TV commercial recently because the charge was 2500 yen.
Since I was a cosmetic dermatologist instead of an esthetic salon, I was using a medical laser, but at the esthetic salon it seems to be using a different type of machine called flush hair removal .
The effect is higher for medical lasers, and instead there is a slight pain.
The procedure lasts in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Since medical lasers respond to the black color of the pores, do not pull out armpits hair a month ago at least as long as you do the operation. If it pulls out, since the pores are not black, the laser does not respond, the hair grows from there as time passes, the effect halves.
In my cosmetic dermatologist who I was passing, I was told that it would not permanently armpits hair growing 6 times, but in the end my hair got no longer growing in 5 times It was.
Although I thought that I could stop realizing the effect when I was about to go through, I was glad that I could keep going.
There seems to be a cycle that grows on hair, and it seems that it takes time to realize the effect because there is hair growing in another cycle even if it does not grow in one operation.
I was in trouble when I go to the treatment in the summer.
I was careful not to see armpits in the summer as I can not get out of hair.
If someone is thinking about hair loss, we recommend that you start passing immediately as soon as summer is over.
I think most of the hair will not grow in the next summer.

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